December 15, 2018



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LAUNCH Preschool is dedicated to preparing students of all ability levels for Kindergarten. 
The Torrance Unified School District special education preschool programs provide early intervention for children between the ages of three and five years old utilizing a variety of service and placement options that move from the least restrictive to most restrictive settings.
Autism Spectrum Services & Inclusion Support Torrance Team (ASSISTT) is a specialized related service team that is trained to provide support to students, staff and parents in the areas of behavior, social skills, play, and discrete trial instruction.
Leadership Team:
The Lead Staff provide guidance and structure for our programs. We appreciate the following staff for providing outstanding leadership.
Ally Bader, Program Specialist
Susan Lee, Psychologist
Valerie Soohoo, Morning LAUNCH Teacher
Jessica GhobrialAfternoon LAUNCH Teacher
Jannah Linneman & Tamara Quinn, Speech & Language Pathologist
Sherry Adams, ASSISTT Teacher
Katie Corcoran, Occupational Therapist
Erica Ely, Physical Therapist
Keree Kwon & Carey Cerise, HRC Transition
Val Soohoo, SLIP
Yvonne Brown, SMILE
Margaret Yadron, TOPSS


            Dr. Teresa Lanphere is the Principal of LAUNCH Preschool and Programs.


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