March 24, 2019
Frequently Asked Questions Minimize

Do I have to be a resident of the city of Torrance for my child to attend LAUNCH?

LAUNCH Preschool serves students that qualify for special education services within the boundaries of Torrance Unified School District without exception.  The District requires proof of residency prior to assessment and enrollment.  Every school district provides services to students ages three to five years old with disabilities.  Our fee-based program for typically developing peers is open to students that reside outside of the TUSD boundaries.

Who do I contact if I suspect my preschool child has a disability?

If you are a resident of TUSD, you will first need to prove you are a resident of Torrance. Please see the Enrollment Info on the Home Page.  Once residency is established, information will be provided to the lead psychologist who will contact you to obtain further information. If you are not a resident, contact the special education office within your school district or your home elementary school.

My child is currently receiving services through Harbor Regional Center (HRC).  What is the process to move my child into the preschool program?

Your counselor at HRC will set up a transition meeting with a representative from the school district.  The school district cannot assess students until they are at least 2 years, 10 months old. Students can start preschool as early as their 3rd birthday.

How do I find out which elementary school is my "home school"?

You can search for your home elementary, middle and high schools through the TUSD website or click here to access the link.

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